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Home Staging Tips to Maximize Your Curb Appeal

By Colleen Colkitt

What Is Home Staging?

When you put a house on the market, whether you get help from a real estate agent or you go the FSBO route, you need to show your home at its finest. This is tricky for some sellers, because it doesn’t mean adding more homely items to your home or making gaudy renovations, it’s about allowing the prospective buyer see the potential of the property. Clearing things out and making the home look like a blank slate is sometimes all the difference in getting the home sold and off the market! Check out these great home staging tips and help your self get through the selling process.


The wallpaper you like in the living room, or the neon green pant your sixteen-year old daughter loves, should definitely go. Remove wallpaper and paint white over all other colors as well. Clean, white or neutral colored walls will help open up the space in the property, and also allow the buyer to envision themselves in the place. With a blank slate, they can see the potential for the house, and imagine what they want to do to make it their own.


Although you might have thought the white carpet you installed years ago was great at the time, chances are it doesn’t look brand new when you want to sell your home. If cleaning them won’t make a difference, take out any old carpets that won’t make the house look its best. Sometimes the hardwood floors underneath look even better than old carpeting, and it can add value to your home!

Personal Items

This is where some people get tripped up! Sometimes, literally! There should be nothing on the floor or countertops that might be considered clutter. Home sellers need to realize that personal items such as shoes or coats or even pictures, need to be stowed away and out of sight. With too many personal items or touches, anyone seeing the house might feel as if they are invading your space. Regardless of how organized or nice these items may look, a buyer doesn’t want to see how you made it your home, they want to make it their own.


This is along the lines of removing personal items and clutter, but it goes even further. Even when you think you’re done cleaning, double-check all windows, windowsills, any corners for dust, and particularly focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. These are used frequently even during viewings, so be sure to put out air fresheners and hand towels to make a good impression.


You might think your furniture makes a nice vibe and sets a good tone for your home, but potential buyers might not have the same tastes as yourself. This is part of the reason you should consider clearing the furniture, or only trimming it down to the essentials. With limited amount of furniture, it gives the opportunity to highlight the features of the architecture of the actual housing. It will allow people to picture what they would do with the space, and see them selves having a future there. Another reason why clearing some of the bulky pieces out, is because you want to create more space for people to attend your open house, and make it appear to be a larger space. By grouping the furniture into comfortable, social-able areas, it will give the viewer an idea of what they can do with the living room, and make their own plans.

Light It Up

One of the simplest things you can do to make your home look its best, is lighting it. A majority of homes are not properly lit, but an easy fix is to increase the wattage in your fixtures. Open up curtains, and make sure all your lights, lamps, and switches are functional! Lighting up a room can open it up and make it feel inviting, and also larger!

Get That Curb Appeal

This is the most important step when staging your house! Make sure to take the time to get your lawn and landscaping done before a big open house or viewing. Make the prospective buyers want to enter your home and see the interior. Items such as bikes or toys should be out of sight, as well as the area around the garbage and recycling bins clean. The curb appeal also includes the front door. The door can use a fresh coat of paint or oil for the lock, and it should function smoothly to make your buyers feel welcome!
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