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Keeping Your Energy Bill Low While Selling Your Home

By Colleen Colkitt

Everyone knows how much energy is spent trying to make your home appealing while trying to sell it. There’s open houses, viewings, tours, and some of them aren’t even planned! It’s hard to keep up with everything going on when your life is hectic while your house is on the market, and your low bill can even be a selling point for some buyers. Help yourself out with one thing, though, and keep your energy bill low during this crazy time, and save yourself at least one area of stress!

Energy Saving Tips

Maybe you’ve overlooked it, or taken it for granted, but the water fountain in your front lawn might be wasting your water bill away. Power it down while there aren’t viewers. Save yourself $30 per month.

You might think you’ve done your part by turning appliances off, but unplug them and store the cords in a safe place. When the home is being shown, people might turn things on and leave them by accident, increasing your energy bill without you even knowing! Kitchen appliances in particular should have cords in a separate place just to make sure there’s not chance for upping the utility bill.

Even appliances or technology devices plugged in, but switched off can suck up energy. Unplug them for good measure if they’re not in use.

The heating and cooling systems don’t need to be in use while the home is vacant. If it’s on the market, waiting to be scooped up, shut off or turn down the A/C or heat to conserve gas and energy. Always remember to turn everything back to normal when people come to view the house! Keep the temperature normal and comfortable for when there’s an open house or showing.

It’s easy to say “shut off the heat” when you have effective insulation, so save on your gas bill by installing functional insulation to all weak areas of your home. This will be a great selling point to any potential buyers, and both of your energy bills will decrease drastically. On a similar note, make sure doors and windows are completely shut, so they are secure in keeping the heat or coldness out.

If You’re still living in your home that’s for sale, or you sometimes stop in to do a few things, keep your water bill low as well. Save energy that would’ve went to the dishwasher or dryer by hand-washing dishes and air-drying them, and also line-drying clothes. It’s a great way to save on electricity, especially if your loads aren’t too big anyway!

The old light bulbs you’ve forgotten to switch out might be draining your wallet too. Try switching them out for the compact fluorescent energy saving bulbs because not only will your electricity bill decrease, but perspective buyers will enjoy them better too. It will put your house in a much better light, figurative and literally!

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