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Groton Timberworks

Groton Timberworks

Address: 2126 Scott Highway
Groton, VT 05046

Phone: 802-584-4446



Serving all of Vermont

A little bit about Groton Timberworks:

Groton Timberworks was established in 1992 in Groton, VT by Nathan Puffer. His interest in Timber Framing was a direct result of repairing local 18th and 19th century structures and observing the amazing solidity of the joinery. He was impressed by the ability of these aging structures to transfer unintended and reverse loading while jacking, or removing jacks. He gained a great appreciation for the incredible joinery crafted by the original builders who came before him. Interest lead to intrigue, which soon lead to a passion for the strength of Timber Frames. Starting in one bay of an old factory building, Groton Timberworks now occupies 8000 square feet of that original building in addition to storage and yard space.

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