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An Overview of the Mortgage Auction Process An Overview of the Mortgage Auction Process

By Christina Kelley

The majority of you are interested in owning a house. But the mortgage payment that you will be required to pay can be burdensome. From an

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What is Included in an Appraisal Report? What is Included in an Appraisal Report?

By Ben Levy

Appraisals are vital reports in the real estate market, because they are relevant to buyers, sellers, and lenders. The value that an appraiser determines in their appraisal report ultimately sets the guideline for what a lender is likely willing to lend to a potential buyer. Given that is such an important element of any real estate transaction, it is useful to know what a typical appraisal report contains. Here are more details about the contents of an appraisal report.

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Avoiding Moving Scams Avoiding Moving Scams

By Gordy Haynes

Too many horror stories have been told about moving companies doubling, tripling, or otherwise increasing their rates to exorbitant prices - only after loading the owner's belongings onto the truck.

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Saving on Home Owner's Insurance Saving on Home Owner's Insurance

By Jessica Hajjar

It may seem obvious to some, but many home owner's completely neglect to shop around for quotes from multiple insurers, costing them money that could have been saved on a better deal.

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Why Use a Real Estate Lawyer? Why Use a Real Estate Lawyer?

By Jessica Hajjar

For many, the idea of a simple, routine, hitch-free home purchase exists in the same cannon as the Easter bunny and Santa - fairy tales. Breathe easy - it is possible to survive the process without slipping on a proverbial banana peel, provided you have the right team of professionals on your side.

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