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Wheel Throwing, Hand-Built Pottery Taught to All Levels at The Mud Studio

By Kelly Church

The Mud Studio is a Middlesex, VT pottery studio and gallery. The owner, Mike, opened the studio in 2008 as a way for him to make a living while continuing to work in pottery. The studio has 12 pottery wheels, a slab roller and two large kilns. In addition to that, there are more than 40 glazes available and a large assortment of hand tools. Students can opt for throwing or hand-building sculptures.

The studio has classes throughout the week that teach all facets of pottery. The wheel throwing class welcomes students of all levels, including beginners, and covers wheel throwing, glazing, decoration and design. Beyond the basics is a class for those who are more advanced in their pottery technique. Young adult/beginners is a class for those new to the craft and has a slower pace.

Handbuilding and sculpture are two classes that take things off the pottery wheel and let's the student's hand techniques shine. In handbuilding, students can create functional pieces, sculpture and tiles. In sculpture, students work off a model and recreate with their own hands.

There is also a kid's camp at The Mud Studio. This weeklong series of classes allows kids to experience what it's like to work with clay. Kids aged seven to 12 are able to sign up and create functional pieces, masks and sculptures

"Students come with a widely differing amount of skill," Mike said. "Some are picking it up for the first time and are hoping to just make anything. Others are more intermediate and are hoping to refine their work and learn more advanced techniques."

Memberships are available at The Mud Studio for potters who need a working studio. The requirements for a membership are the adult must have a good understanding of clay work and must understand studio procedures, usually by taking a class. Memberships are $125 a month and every member has 24/7 access to the studio, including during classes if there is space.

"Members at the studio are skilled potters who generally don't need the input on their work," Mike said. "Many of them are past students. Some come to use the equipment since it can be expensive to set yourself up with everything we have, but many also come for the camaraderie and creative environment."

Mike encourages all people who are interested in trying clay work should stop by The Mud Studio. Classes are held frequently and, according to Mike, the studio has the most extensive facilities in the area. He calls the studio welcoming and inclusive to potters of all levels.

To find the right class for you, visit

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