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For the Love of?Peanut Butter

By Kelly Church

Vermont Peanut Butter Company, Inc. is a Morrisville, VT nut butter company founded by one man and his desire for an affordable source of protein. As a lover of nature, healthy lifestyles and Vermont's Green Mountains, founder Christopher Kaiser created ten different flavors of nut butters himself after a hiking trip that left him starving. Although Kaiser initially started the Vermont Peanut Butter Company out of his own kitchen, he now hopes to make the state of Vermont a hub not just for ice cream, as it is with Ben & Jerry's, but for peanut butter.

"I have always loved peanut butter," Kaiser says. "In fact, when I was young, I would always opt for nuts on my sundaes instead of sprinkles. Eating [peanut butter and jelly sandwiches] all of my life, I started to see a very bad trend in peanut butter. It was becoming less and less peanut butter and more fillers, chemicals, and sugar."

Admittedly, a bit of a health-crazed person, Kaiser strongly believes that this trend, covering more than just the peanut and nut butter industry, affects the health of families across the country. Bucking, however, such a trend, which Kaiser says goes against everything he believes in, Vermont Peanut Butter Company focuses on creating products that are free from palm oils, preservatives, added sugar and sodium.

"People are very fed up with large companies that spend high dollars on advertising and minimal on quality ingredients," Kaiser says. "It's like they use a 'let's see what we can get away with' mentality. Artisan foods are made with extreme care and passion. Not for the money, but rather the love of the product. Money will come. People want foods and ingredients with a story and from places they recognize. Cheap food equals cheap ingredients."

Kaiser's menu of nut butters include Creamy; Chunky' Avalanche, a blend of peanuts and white chocolate chips; Maple Walnut, with walnuts chunks, peanuts and maple syrup; Good Karma, a combination of dark chocolate and peanuts; Stowe Cinnamon Raisin, with organic raisins, organic cinnamon and a special peanut blend; BEE Nut Butter, a mixture of raw honey and peanuts; Green Mountain Goodness, as their multi-nut combination; Mad River Mojo, their "spreadable trail mix" with nuts, berries, flax, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and honey; and lastly the Almond Butter, a classic almond blend.

"Peanut butter in its true form is essentially fresh made food," Kaiser says. "I love it with a spoon, right out of the jar. Good peanut butter needs nothing. It should taste fresh, aromatic and wholesome."

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