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Tips to Have Cleaner Windows in your Home: an Interview with Lance Taylor of Aqua Clear Cleaning

By Lance Taylor

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

My experience in the cleaning business began in 1990 when I started my own commercial window cleaning route in my hometown of Clarksville Texas. After one year of commercial store front window cleaning I moved to Dallas Texas and began working in high-rise window cleaning. In 2001, my wife and I moved back to Burlington Vermont, my wife's hometown, and that's when I founded Aqua Clear Cleaning, with it's focus on residential window cleaning. I now have many happy customers in the Burlington and surrounding areas.

Can you briefly explain the window cleaning process

Anyone can wash windows, but CLEANING windows is another story. To properly clean windows takes a variety of tools, techniques and lots of experience. I use the traditional window cleaning wand and squeegee. There is no "secret" solution, just a bucket of clean water and a tablespoon of dishwashing soap, I prefer the eco-friendly ECOVER soap. After a good scrub I then remove all the dirty water with the "S" technique squeegee method. After getting the glass clean, now it's time to make sure the sills are properly wiped and the edges are wiped dry with a microfiber cloth. You now have a professionally cleaned window!

Are different techniques used for different windows?

Yes there are different techniques. Depending on the height, if I can't reach it safely with a ladder then I use an extension pole to clean the windows. Some windows, like skylights, even require me to use a rope and harness to safely clean them.

What is the best tip you could give homeowners for having cleaner windows?

The best tip for clean windows I can give involves your screens. For most homeowners, they don't really open their windows much in the winter and thus don't need screens on. One of the best ways to dirty a window is to have a screen on it. After rain water hits a screen, it picks up any dirt that has settled on it and then deposits it onto your nice clean window. My tip is to have your window cleaner remove all but maybe a couple screens (on the windows that you might need to open during the winter) and store them in a safe area in your home during the winter months. This will help tremendously in keeping your windows clean for a longer period of time.

How often should windows be cleaned?

There is no definite frequency, but I would suggest at the least once a year. If you want them to always look good then 2 to 3 times in the year is good. Most of my customers have them cleaned in the spring (at which time I install their screens back on) and then again in the fall (when I remove and store their screens).

What are some common issues you face when it comes to cleaning windows?

Common issues include windows with various "junk" on them. It may be caulk from when the window was installed, paint from a messy painter or hard water stains. All of which can be removed with the proper tools and experience.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Through my website at or simply emailing me at

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