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The Unexpected Journey Of Margery Anderson Led To Mountain Yoga

By Elisha Neubauer

Margery Anderson started her yoga career as a student, with no intention of leading her own classes let alone owning her own studio. But fate has its own way of stepping in and, before long, Anderson found herself at the head of the class whenever her teacher was out of town. Following the manual, Anderson enjoyed her momentary teaching experiences but never thought much of it. When her teacher decided to move away, Anderson continued leading the class, but realized she would need training to assure her students were being safely taught.

She received her first professional training at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA and with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Stockbridge, MA. She continued teaching at various venues in Rutland and opened her studio, Mountain Yoga, in 1994.

While Anderson began her yoga path in Kundalini yoga, she has also practiced Bikram yoga and Kripalu yoga. In 1996, she met Rama Berch (now known as Swami Nirmalananda) and became devoted to Svaroopa Yoga. She now teaches that style exclusively because it is so easy to do and so deeply effective. She offers a variety of classes and workshops at her studio in Rutland, Vermont. Workshops include Panchakoshayoga, Body Thrive Book Club, Pregnancy yoga, Walking Lessons, and more.

Private sessions are available for those needing more personal attention or more flexible scheduling.

Svaroopa yoga is reliable and effective in releasing tension in the spine.

"When the spine opens up (core opening), many physical and mental issues resolve naturally," Anderson said.

One of the core principles of Svaroopa yoga is "support equals release." Because of this, students are supported, by the floor, blankets, chairs, blocks, in angles that release core tensions rather than stretching or stressing the body.

"And you don't have to wait to feel better; you feel good at the end of your first class, and it gets better after that," Anderson said.

For those considering yoga, there are numerous benefits which one should be familiar with. Yoga provides better sleep, increases flexibility and stability, and improves strength. Those with a regular habit of practicing yoga will see better balance, fewer headaches, and relief from pains related to arthritis, low back pain, and more. Increased awareness, better decision making, enhanced clarity, and less anxiety are a few other benefits one can see from a regular yoga routine.

"People experience a deeper connection to their inner knowing, a fuller sense of being themselves in all situations, more peace and happiness, a quieter mind, a deeper connection to their spiritual path or religion, more resilience and vitality in general," Anderson said.

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