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The Excavation Process: an Interview with Kelley Davio of Champlain Construction

By Kelley Davio

Tell us a little bit about you company and its foundation

Champlain Construction is a family owned business that was established in 1955 by Raymond and Lucy Danyow. In 1975 Champlain Construction was incorporated as Champlain Construction Co., Inc. This is now being run by Jim, Larry and John Danyow. Champlain Construction employs about 20-25 employee's each year who are fully qualified to work on projects and take care of customers' needs.

Some of the services we provide are turf restoration, sidewalks, and road. As well as the installation of commercial and residential water lines, sewers and storm systems. We offer complete site prep from beginning to end. We provide aggregate for our jobs and sell product to towns, contractors and general public from our gravel pit located on Rt. 116 in Middlebury.

What needs to be accomplished prior to beginning the excavations?

We would need to get Town and State permits right away. We arrange for a disposal site for excess dirt or clay, then we set up a silt fence around the construction area. A construction entrance needs to be made as well as a lay down area which minimizes the debris onto the roadway and reduces dust. The trees next are cleared and removed.

Please walk our readers through the general steps required to excavate land in preparation for a house

When excavating land for a house you will need to construct a silt fence around the construction area.

Build the drive entrance with culvert. We would also need to clear trees and stumps or strip the topsoil.

Then you would need to layout the well or public water, power and septic and lay out the foundation for excavating.

How long does a typical excavation take?

A typical excavation would take 5-6 hours depending on the size of the machine and the area being excavated.

What is the payment process for excavating land?

Payment process for excavating land would be based on time and materials (hourly) or set contract amount.

What is a common issue you face when excavating land and how can they be avoided

Some of the common issues we face would be the traffic, reasonable start and finish times, noise and dust. To try an avoid these issues we would contact the neighbors to let them know what we would be doing and the start of the job as well as the expected time we would work daily. The lay down of the driveway entrance to the road which we would put stone tracking pads down to reduce tracking onto the main road.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Ways for people to get in contact with us would be to call directly 802-388-2652, check out our website at which has contact info. The phone book as well as personal references.

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