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The Benefits Are Many At Queen City Bikram Yoga

By Elisha Neubauer

On March 15th, 2016, Queen City Bikram Yoga opened its doors. The brainchild of Marla Ceppetelli, the studio was launched with one major concept in mind: to bring a state-of-the-art hot yoga studio to the South Burlington community.

Ceppetelli, having faced her own personal struggles in life, wanted to create a safe space in which anyone was welcomed regardless of their expertise level or workout history.

Ceppetelli found yoga after a diagnosis of PTSD and Eating Disorder NOS. Battling constant depression, Ceppetelli took it upon herself to end her string of self-loathing and find an interest which would bring back her inner peace and, in turn, save her life. After pulling herself from the bottom of her depression, Ceppetelli realized that yoga was a lifesaver for many and decided to share that journey with others.

"Our culture is welcoming, comfortable, supportive and positive," Ceppetelli said. "Our students are friendly and our staff is open and helpful."

While the high caliber staff focuses on ensuring both veterans and newcomers feel special, happy, and supported, the studio offers a clean, sleek, modern facility for those members to practice in. It has a high-quality heating system, 100% recycled and anit-microbrial flooring, and an open design.

"We have male and female changing rooms and separate showers and toilets," Ceppetelli said. The facility also rents mats and towels and sells related items like water, kombucha, yoga clothes, and Waymats.

Although Ceppetelli took up yoga as a way to pull herself from a severe depression, she wants clients to understand the full range of health benefits that yoga can present. According to her, the most common effects include normalizing blood pressure, weight loss, decrease in overall pain, and improved cardio vascular health.

Each instructor at the Queen City Bikram Yoga Studio has faced their own challenges, mental or physical, that have brought them to the practice. However, it was the laundry list of benefits, including being one's best self, which kept each and every instructor following this path. To the instructors of Queen City, yoga isn't just a job; it is a way of life.

Despite the popularity of this style of yoga, there are no reservations necessary for each class. Simply arrive 15 minutes prior and check in with the instructor located at the front desk. Each class lasts approximately 90 minutes and will be carefully led by a qualified instructor. For those new to the process, the instructor will guide you slowly through each posture.

"Our focus is on the alignment of the postures because that is where the benefit lies," Ceppetelli said. "We pride ourselves on supporting people to be their best selves."

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