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Soul Vibration Wellness Brings Relaxation To The Green Mountains

By Mike Abelson

Drea Tremols is a helper. For her, helping her community comes in the form of providing therapeutic massage. Located in South Burlington,VT, her studio,Soul Vibration Wellness, has been helping the folks in Vermont. Tremols answered a few questions about Soul Vibration and what inspires her work.

What ​first inspired you to open Soul Vibration Wellness? How long have you been in business?

I was inspired to open Soul Vibration Wellness because I wanted to have the ability to help clients in my own unique, therapeutic way. I wanted to be able to blend different types of massage with wellness consultation and energy healing work. I enjoy helping people with chronic issues so I knew I'd need to be in a professional setting where I'd be able to see clients at their convenience and not be dependent on someone else's business model or mission. Helping people to continue living their passions is the mission of Soul Vibration Wellness whether that be making music, gardening, skiing or the simple joy of hiking with their pets.

Life is fullest when we are well and being well is a constant journey throughout our lifetimes and Soul Vibration Wellness was created with that in mind. I also believe that regular massage is essential to well being and healing so that's also why we offer memberships so that people can pay a reduced price and receive monthly massage. Helping people to make self-care a priority is a huge part of our mission as well.

​How would you describe the atmosphere your studio offers to clients?

The Soul Vibration Wellness office is housed within the Cedarwood Natural Health Center in South Burlington and we have a very friendly and warm environment for clients. The front desk staff are some of the kindest folks you'll ever meet and the other practitioners that share the center are attentive, compassionate people who view health as a co-creation between client and practitioner. At Soul Vibration Wellness our motto is "health is wealth" meaning that when we are well, we are able to do all the things that bring a wealth of happiness, joy and positive energy into our lives. This is infused in to our office setting with lots of laughter, warmth and kindness in our interactions as well as quiet, cozy spaces for client sessions.

Along with massage you also offer Reiki healing. What are some benefits of combining this service with massage?

Massage benefits from Reiki because when working with the body we are also working with the energy of body, not just the muscles. If someone is really tense and tight, Reiki can help the client to feel more relaxed and at ease. If that person is feeling blocked, emotionally or mentally, Reiki can be utilized to clear whatever might be causing this sensation and lack of flow. Reiki is incredibly gentle and brings with it a reduction in stress when coupled with massage therapy so it makes deep tissue work and other deeper modalities easier on the body. The more relaxed a client can be, the more work I can get done with the muscles. If the muscles are too tight, it makes it difficult to create wellness and support the healing of the body.

Why do you think someone should choose Soul Vibration Wellness for their massage and relaxation needs?

I think someone should choose us if they want a holistic, integrated approach to wellness. Whether a client wants to relax and reduce stress or heal from a repetitive stress injury due to skiing or help heal carpal tunnel from too much computer work or guitar playing, Soul Vibration Wellness works on all those aspects of care. We offer hot stone massage for relaxation, aromatherapy for stress reduction, sports therapy for athletes and musicians, Thai Yoga Massage for folks who might not be comfortable with regular massage (Thai Yoga is done completely clothed on a mat on the floor-I like to call it lazy person's yoga) and of course the traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue/Myofascial work.

I've worked with folks with Lyme disease as well, which is something that benefits from massage especially for detoxing and handling the anxiety and depression that can come with the disease. Soul Vibration Wellness also offers health consultations to help people create and execute "health is wealth" plans so they can feel better and do more of what they love in life. We are excited to make each individuals life the best it can be through their physical, mental and emotional health.

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