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Relax and Heal with Rod Cain Massage Therapy in Burlington

By Marina I. Jokic

Spending most of his life as a professional massage therapist, Rod Cain decided to establish his private practice in 2013. Rod Cain Massage Therapy in Burlington, Vermont offers a diversity of massage modalities that can be tailored to address specific conditions. From chronic pain to more rooted musculoskeletal problems, Rod Cain Massage Therapy can design a long-term solution. With the help of their four massage therapists, long-term recovery is within reach for many.

"I consider myself an artist or designer first and foremost, which dovetails nicely with the integration of the left brain's roadmap of anatomy with the right brain's intuition of movement and feeling," Cain said. "I have studied over 15 different modalities, but when you have been practicing for as long as I have, they tend to hybridize or become part of your own signature style."

Rod Cain

Cain is a seasoned therapist and a graduate of the Florida School of Massage. He has perfected his style over the years, which is easily customized to a patient's needs. Cain's body work is a synergy of many massage modalities which work below the superficial layers and within a patient's comfort zone and pain threshold. Some people see profound results in just a limited amount of time. Increased range of motion, diminishing of pain, enhanced sports performance, and a feeling of improved wellbeing.

"My work is generally deep, slow and intentional," Cain said. "With years of practice, you begin to empathize with your hands [and you start to feel] what the client is feeling."

Cain's initial exposure to human anatomy was in Austria in 1983 where he worked as an operation room attendant at a local hospital. A rare opportunity to gain insight of the human body, the experience left him fascinated with the intricate network of muscles and bones. A few years down the road, Cain moved on the Omega Institute, a center for holistic studies in Rhineback, New York as a full-time staff member alongside other therapists and later earned his degree in massage therapy in Florida.

"I love to design three-dimensional spaces, but it's more than just [the room]," he says. "It is the smell of essential oils, the sound of real music as opposed to the canned new-age stuff; I like to set a mood that is part of having an experience when a client visits me."

For Cain, massage is a type of meditation, and the difference between good techniques and a great massage is staying present and being aware of the patient's needs. Being a veteran in the field requires hours and hours of work on different body types and treating different issues. Being able to evaluate issues and offer insight outside of the massage can only come with that experience.

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