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One Man's Travels became Another's Sanctuary At Sky Meadow Retreat

By Elisha Neubauer

The year was 1976. Miles Sherts was only 19 years old, but found himself sitting in a Buddhist monastery in Sri Lanka. While he was still young, it was a life-changing experience for him. One that would set his life on a path he hadn't dreamed of until then.

Sherts left Sri Lanka with one vision: to provide a similar experience to others. He spent almost 12 years trying to figure out how to fulfill his vision, but in 1988, the pieces began to fall together. A run-down farm located in Stannard, Vermont came onto the market and Sherts knew that was his sign.

Things weren't so easy, though. It took Sherts over 10 years to recuperate from the decades of neglect the farmhouse had endured. In 1998, he finally gained the needed funding to fully restore and renovate the century old dairy barn on the premises. He created a large meeting hall for activities such as meditation, yoga, dance, music, or massage. Bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and dining area were also added. The interior was designed with a naturalized theme in mind, with south facing windows and natural wood. Sherts wanted to provide a cozy, beautiful and comfortable place year round for small group retreats and workshops.

The Sky Meadow Retreat opened to the public in 2000.

For those approaching the retreat, they immediately find a tranquil environment awaiting them. To reach the retreat, you have to venture up a dirt road located on a quite hillside which overlooks the Green Mountains. There are no visible roads, no traffic.

"Most visitors say they feel at peace here and appreciate the stillness and privacy for unwinding from the stress of their daily lives," Sherts, owner of the Sky Meadow Retreat, said. "The retreat offers a wonderful blend of comfort and modern conveniences in a truly wild and natural setting."

In addition to meditation, the retreat offers a valuable program for couples. Sherts is trained in communication and conflict resolution, as his previous job involved working as a professional divorce mediator.

"I now work with couples who want to stay together and learn how to listen to each other without judgment or express their feelings and needs without blame," Sherts said.

Couples are able to visit Sky Meadow Retreat for a single three-hour session or a two night private couple's retreat in which they will undergo coaching on simple conscious communication skills. Sherts explained that these skills enable deeper connection and intimacy, while also allowing greater independence. Conscious communication groups are also offered through the Sky Meadow Retreat. Guests attending one of these groups will learn to listen and understand, instead of the normal reaction: comparing, evaluating, and judging.

"You will learn to speak about your immediate emotions and needs instead of pressing your ideals or beliefs onto other people," Sherts said. "This new language enables you to deeply connect with others without giving up yourself in the process."

For more visit Sky Meadow Retreat online.

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