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North Photography Captures Family History One Shot at a Time

By Elisha Neubauer

Kathleen Porter was no stranger to the camera. She proudly calls herself a second-generation photographer, her father being the first. Having taken some time to explore a handful of other states during her adult education years, Porter found herself still in love with Vermont and returned home to pursue her ultimate passion: photography.

For Porter, her love for photography started early. She believed the practice fit her perfectly. While she had always been drawn to the arts, photography just felt right to her. During her junior high years, Porter really began to dive into her photography skills, taking classes and seeking out knowledge on the art form. Her father, in order to support her newfound passion, even volunteered to teach courses at the school.

Fourteen years later, Porter has since completed a Bachelor of Science and Fine Arts and launched her own photography business, North Photography. Her father still encourages her career choice, even lending a hand during certain events. Today, Porter carefully balances work and family life, having added two young children to her family over the last few years. While maintaining this balance takes hard work and dedication, Porter found a new and revived love for photography after experiencing parenthood.

"Before I had children, time passed quickly," Porter said. "Now that I have children, time moves even faster than before!"

She believes that photographs serve as a visual memory, allowing one to return to a time gone by; in her case, swaddled babies and tiny, wobbly toddlers. It is this belief that has continued to drive her forward in her work, inspired to create beautiful, meaningful portraits for clients to look back on and reminisce.

"With older grandparents in my life now, I know how important photographs are to them, allowing them to return to a time when they were young and strong," Porter said. "I want my images to be just as meaningful to my clients one day."

Although Porter is great at what she does, there are other reasons, in her opinion, that clients hire her. In addition to her style of work, Porter always tries to connect with her clients, citing it as a vital tool in the creative process.

"It helps me to create more meaningful images for them if we connect on some level," she stated.

Porter believes the connection between photographer and client is very important. Photographs, particularly of life events such as weddings and new babies, become part of a person's life story. Even though the event may only last one day, the photographs last a lifetime, becoming part of the family history. The photographer becomes a part of that, making the connection significant.

"They will get to enjoy and share these images with their families five, 10, 20, 30, 75 years down the road," Porter said. "It is such an honor to know that I am part of capturing that history for them."

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