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Keeping Pests Out of Your Home for Good

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Headquartered in Agawam, MA, Braman has service centers all across southern New England. We differ from many other pest control firms in the exceptional level of training of our management and employees, a number of whom have degrees in biology and entomology. These were the major fields of interest to the founding Lazarus family, as they are for us now at Braman.Our technicians are all licensed, certified, insured, and trained to observe all relevant federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to the services they provide. We take an integrated approach that involves nonchemical treatments, as well as the precise application of the latest and safest chemical methods.

In general, what are some simple ways to prevent the presence of pests in my home?

The best and simplest things to do are to control moisture. Leaks, standing water and wood/soil contact all attract pests. Keep trees and shrubs properly trimmed. Branches that are in contact with your home serve as an insect highway. Seal up cracks, crevices and other openings that allow ease of access to pests.

Is my outdoor lighting increasing the amount of insects surrounding my house?

Outdoor lighting can serve as a draw to some flying insects. Use LED, sodium or yellow lighting to minimize this possibility.

Are there any household products I can use to rid my home of pests?

Most household products can be effective. The problem is that they tend to have very short residual life and homeowners do not know where to apply them. For example: spraying the ants near your pet's food dish will kill those ants but do nothing about where the ants are coming from.

Is there anything I can do to my lawn or the exterior of home to prevent the presence of rodents?

There is nothing to do to your lawn to discourage rodents except to mow it regularly. Keeping bushes and shrubs around your home trimmed is important. Unfortunately, low ground cover such as vinca or pachysandra create a nice environment for small rodents to hide.

What is the best way for people to reach you or your company? or 800-338-6757

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