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Elevating Energy: Spiritual Nutritionist Krissy Ruddy Helps Women Reclaim Their Lives in Essex, Vermont

By Paul Rowe

Ambitious, creative women want to have it all: vibrant energy, a healthy mind, and an amazing body. Nutritionist Krissy Ruddy helps women experience the freedom to ditch their internal struggle around food and weight so they can start living their lives on their own terms.

In the past, Ruddy felt completely powerless over food, her health, and her body. Ever since she was 12 years old, the majority of her life was spent trying to get the perfect body. After trying everything from shakes, exercises, and calorie counting, to a raw diet, to studying Buddhism in a tiny Indian village in search of spiritual discipline, nothing seemed to stick for Ruddy.

"After over 10 years of struggling with eating disorders and subsequent anxiety, depression, chronic acne, and hormonal imbalances, I realized that what I was doing to myself, how I was treating myself and what I was eating, wasn't working: something needed to change," Ruddy said. "Eventually I found a new way of doing things based in eastern philosophy and practices and western, science-based approaches to habit change. Things finally started to shift!"

Finally, Ruddy came to the epiphany that food could be a tool for substantial healing rather than one of punishment or escape. Ruddy began to realize that being thin was not her main goal in life. For human beings, having a healthy body is the result of living a healthy, whole, fulfilling, passionate, joyful, and aligned life. From that moment on, Ruddy began a restorative journey that resulted in a vitality of body and mind she never imagined possible.

"My dream is for women everywhere to take all the energy they currently spend counting calories, worrying about their belly rolls, and freaking out about not being vegan yet, and channel that power into a force for good," Ruddy said. "I want to teach our young girls how to heal, nourish, and inspire the world through who they are, and not have the size of their jeans determine their self worth or let it hold them back from dreaming and doing big things in this world."

Right now, the world needs strong women. Thankfully, Ruddy recognizes that it's time for women to break free from the shackles of their minds and pursue energized, confident, and radiant lives.

"My goal is to help women finally uncover what's been holding them back, how to reach their ideal weight quickly and safely, and create a life they love in the process," Ruddy said.

In order to achieve such inspired results, Ruddy takes a holistic approach to nutrition and weight loss. Ruddy and the women she works with navigate real life and the challenges that come with it. Through this process, they learn to use food and movement as medicine and allies for creating a healthy, vibrant life. Women who have gone on this journey with Ruddy are shocked at how rejuvenated they feel. To their surprise and delight, their full potentials are continually unleashed.

"Women tell me how they've never felt so sexy, confident, and alive. They attract new partners or ignite something incredible with their current ones," Ruddy. "They have so much energy that they get twice the amount of projects done at work and perhaps even start a passion project or pursue their yoga teacher training on the side. They tell me they've never thought they could change so much yet feel more themselves than ever before."

Krissy Ruddy gives women in the Essex area the opportunity to discover their own unique purposes, to unleash their unbridled energies, to find their true passions, and to reveal their best selves to a world that so urgently needs exposure to their restorative nature.

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