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Creating Your Own Landscape: An Interview with Jonathan Leduc of Landshapes

By Jonathan Leduc

Please describe the foundation of your company and your qualifications.

Landshapes has been providing the highest quality customer service in residential and commercial landscape components since established in 1992. Landshapes has evolved into one of Vermont's premiere landscape companies. It is our mission to act as a leader in raising the industry standard to benefit both landscape consumers and business owners alike.

Landshapes offers comprehensive landscaping services including design / installation (hardscapes, softscapes, ponds and waterfalls), property maintenance, woodlands management, snowplowing and removal. Our highly skilled year round staffs of professional horticulturists, stonemasons and equipment operators are trained to perform any landscaping challenge. Landshapes is a diligent and conscientious company that strives to meet the needs of our customers. We are constantly expanding our workforce's knowledge and skills, as well as the equipment used to perform the projects. The state-of-the art equipment allows Landshapes to complete projects in significantly less time than other companies. Our professionalism, strong work ethic, integrity and attention to detail keep our phones ringing with new projects. In fact, half of the new landscape projects are repeat customers.

What is the importance of including an irrigation system in my landscape?

Irrigation needs will vary from project to project. Some of the determining factors would include soil type, plant choices and location. We would suggest irrigation, but it is by no means a requirement in this area.

What are the benefits associated with using seasonal, local plants in my garden bed?

Seasonal plantings are a great way to add color and texture to your garden beds. The use of annual plants also gives you the ability to change your colors or design from year to year, so you never get bored.

How do I successfully integrate hardscaping with the surrounding plants?

Stone is a natural part of our landscape so when used within plantings I believe it makes the spaces feel inviting. Simply placing boulders within a garden or stone steppers can totally change its look and appeal to the eye. We use plantings around stone walls to soften the look and also to bring its size into perspective.

What are some of the most common hardscapes included in landscaping and what benefits do they provide?

Some of the most common hardscapes range from patios, walkways, retaining walls, and fire pits. Hardscaping can be not only functional, but can add interest and texture to your landscape.

What does a good landscape design do for the tenants of the home?

A good landscape design will give the tenants a structured direction for the desired end result. When working from a design, tenants can work in stages if needed and still end up with a finish product that flows, has continuity and is not a mish mash.

What landscape elements can help my lawn function as an "outdoor living space"?

There are many elements to a landscape that can be installed to create "Outdoor Living Space". Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, Pools, Swimming Ponds, Landscape Lighting, and patios to name a few.

Should the amount of sunlight affect the kinds of plant I can use?

The amount of sunlight is one of the most important factors when it comes to plant choice. All plants thrive in different light, so it is important to know the total amount of sunlight in each area.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you or your company?

The best way to get a hold of our company is to call (802) 434-3500 ext 112 or email
You can also visit our website at

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