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Celebrating Love with Saddleback Studio Wedding Photography

By Marina I. Jokic

Photographing her first wedding in 2007, Amber Lamphere fell in love with the experience immediately.

"Being a wedding and portrait photographer is a journey of discovery and serendipity," she said. "I knew then, as I do now, that capturing memories and the beauty of life in film is my calling."

With a penchant for couples' photography, Lamphere followed her love of photography to its logical conclusion: founding her own photography business. Saddleback Studio in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York is among the most sought-after event photography services in the area.

"Every engagement session and wedding I photograph is an opportunity to celebrate love," Lamphere said. "It is a privilege to be entrusted with capturing each couple's love story, and I hope yours will be next."

Each wedding or portrait has a unique story behind it, and Lamphere loves discovering and retelling them with her photos. Her home base is in the Adirondacks, but Lamphere is often on the move. An avid traveler, she loves exploring new places and landscapes.

"I was first drawn to photography when it appealed to me as a method for stopping time and as a way of keeping a part of my experiences with me forever," she said.

While in her teens, Lamphere moved away from her hometown in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, an experience which made her aware of the fleeting nature of life. she said. In a way, photography overcomes the fleeting nature of existence.

"It's still my strongest motivation with photography, to capture and preserve the beautiful moments of life," Lamphere said.

Saddleback Studio offers a varied portfolio of wedding and portrait images, with themes ranging from intimate couples' photography to festive weddings and introspective character studies. To Lamphere, weddings are the strongest source of inspiration. Genuinely delighted to be part of a couple's special day, Lamphere is skilled at capturing even the most seemingly mundane detail. When it's time to choose their favorite photo, people are often stumped because nearly every photograph is moving. A close-up shot of a wedding ring, a little flower girl throwing rose petals, or a beautiful bride descending a staircase can each be equally poignant.

"There's no way to overstate how important the memories and details of a wedding are," Lamphere said. "This isn't something you get to rewind, and photography is the best way for couples to hold onto the magic and beauty of their wedding day."

As an artist, Lamphere is particularly enthralled by images that include scintillating light on the surface of water.

There is something fascinating about the reflective qualities of light and how light interacts with other natural matter. In an instant, a ray of sunshine reflecting off the serene waters of a lake can brighten an otherwise dull or monochromatic image.

"With photography, everything is about the light; it's both the medium and part of the subject that a photographer works with," Lamphere said. "I feel incredibly lucky that the northern landscape I work in includes so many gorgeous streams and bodies of water."

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