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Cat Cutillo Photo & Video Captures Your Unique Story

By Marina I. Jokic

"I love documenting real life, and that's what initially drew me into newspaper and editorial photojournalism," Cat Cutillo, owner, photographer, and videographer, said. In 2005, Cutillo decided to open her own wedding photography business alongside her established photojournalism career.

For her, weddings represent the perfect opportunity to tell a story through images.

"It's a full day of documenting a couple's love story and there is so much emotion to capture throughout the day," she said. Drawing inspiration from the rich color palettes, glamorous decorations, textures, and lighting, Cutillo has plenty of fodder for her camera. She is especially mesmerized by the split-second candid moments she gets to shoot during the course of a wedding.

Initially working for a newspaper, Cutillo became adept at filming within uncontrolled environments, in rapid-paced and emotional circumstances at times. It trained her to blend in and seamlessly photograph her subjects. By 2011, her wedding photography had become her primary focus, with the amount of weddings she was taking on increasing dramatically every year.

Cutillo enjoyed the career transition, and felt fortunate to be documenting the happiest moments of people's lives. The elements of serendipity and unpredictability which she experienced during her newspaper stint were present more than ever at the weddings she was shooting.

Working with different couples is exciting but also challenging?each has their own vision for a perfect wedding photo. Cutillo said she loves the challenge of working with each couple to create unique environmental portraits that reflect their personalities through natural light, color, and beautiful backgrounds. If a couple happens to be shy to the camera, Cutillo has her own method for coaxing the right moments out of them. For instance, using a long lens allows her to stand further back while still creating a candid portrait.

"I take my job extremely seriously because I know couples are entrusting me to create visual time capsules that they can keep," Cutillo said.

Each wedding requires physical and mental stamina, Cutillo said. In fact, she usually accepts only one wedding per week so that she has time to recharge herself and be fully present.

In order to make expressive yet unstaged photographs of the couples, Cutillo has to make sure that her clients are relaxed and not self-conscious in front of the camera. One of the tricks of her trade is learning to be practically invisible when shooting, which makes for the most natural-looking, impulsive photos.

"I give every ounce of myself to each wedding both physically and mentally," she said. Cutillo's goal is to give the couple the day they envisioned and completely tailor the wedding portraits around that vision.

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