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A Relaxing Retreat in Bustling Downtown Burlington

By Pamela Sosnowski

Located near Burlington's town center on College Street, the Jivana Holistic Spa serves as a relaxing haven where clients can de-stress and get refreshed. With a foundation based on traditional naturopathy, Ayurvedic and European spa treatments, Jivana offers head-to-toe services including massage therapy, facials, body treatments, specialty foot treatments, and organic waxing. Bridal hair and makeup styling is also available to help brides look and feel their best before walking down the aisle.

The spa gets its name, Jivana, from the Sanskrit phrase: "the life-enhancing quality of water," and many of the treatments offered rely on its revitalizing effects. "We believe in the rejuvenating power of water, which is what the word 'spa' means: 'solus per aquae' or 'cure by water,'" says Cathie Barre, the spa's owner. "The full body exfoliation on our heated hammam table and our Tibetan rejuvenating foot treatment in the foot sinks use water throughout the treatment. We use water in some form during all of our treatments, such as for hot stone massage and hot packs for deep tissue massage."

One of Jivana's most unique treatments includes a soft pack flotation table filled with water warmed to 107 degrees. "The client is enveloped in warm/hot mud and is floating without touching the water directly," explains Barre. "Clients have described this feeling as being 'womb-like.'"

Barre extols the many benefits of visiting a spa for regular treatments. Massage, facials and body treatments, especially those based upon European spa methods, are rejuvenating and promote general wellness. "One hour of therapeutic massage is equal to eight hours of sleep, according to industry studies, as well as increasing blood and lymph circulation," she says. Even the oils and clays used in many spa treatments can help to detoxify the body and lower the amount of chemicals and heavy metals after just one session.

As Barre explains, a spa visit can be a great way to connect with other people. "There is a social aspect for some people, who come in with a friend and have some quiet time before and after their treatments to spend together in one of our relaxation rooms, while sipping a cup of organic tea," she says. The spa can also be reserved for private events between 6 and 16 people, making the trip a relaxing way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or corporate event.

In addition to incorporating water in the spa treatments, Jivana makes it available for clients to drink as well. "We offer clients reverse-osmosis water before and after treatments to stay well hydrated," says Barre. "Being well hydrated is one of the foundations of wellness and age prevention!"

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